Machines for churros and batons

Churros machines, Porras and churreras

At Trainomaq, we have more than 40 dedicated years to the manufacturing of machines for churros o churreras, as well as all the Accessories necessary to make churros.
There are already many customers who have trusted in our machinery and professionalism throughout the national territory and even abroad.

We carry out all the machinery and tools that are necessary for a correct development of churros.

The basic utensils for making churros are:

  1. Kneading machines: for the manufacture of the mass of the churro and truncheon. We offer both manual and automatic.
  2. Manual or automatic cooking. Depending on the business needs will require one or the other. It is a machine which will introduce the mass by an ends to remove the churro by a nozzle pressure.
  3. Industrial deep Fryer, This may be electrical, propane, natural gas or diesel fuel. According to the customer's need.

They will also be necessary utensils and accessories such as:

  1. Foaming or sticks: they are necessary to remove from the Fryer churros
  2. Wringer: they serve to remove excess oil from the churros
  3. Holes for kneading
  4. Thermos
  5. Chocolate

Count on us for any inquiry, We offer a great service of spare parts and carry out all kinds of repairs.

For more information on making churros or fritter stalls:

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