About Us


Our company is created as a new project, more innovating and competitive project, Trainomaq, borned from the old Trabinox.

Our founding partner Don. Lucio Calderón with more than 45 years of experience founded Trainomaq, surrounded by a highly qualified team in the food sector, a young staff that brings the latest innovations and enthusiasm to each project.

Since its inception in 2004, Trainomaq designs, develops, produces and markets its food processing equipment nationally and internationally. Investing in R&D to manufacture our competitive equipment, in consumption, production and quality.

We work in all the food sectors, but we are deeply specialized in the Snacks sector, where we offer comprehensive service giving turnkey solutions.

Reliability, customer support, teamwork and continuous development and innovation, thanks to R&D effort, to manufacture our most competitive, highest production, and lowest consumption machines with the highest quality. These are the foundations of our company.