Pellet – Snacks

Machinery Pellet – Snacks

Machinery for manufacturing snack or products Pellet (worms, cheese balls, etc.)

Is composed of the following machines:

  1. Tape load, the product is stored on tape and supplied the product to the feeder.
  2. Dispenser, using this feeder the product is sent to the continuous Fryer, by controlling the inflow of the product.
  3. Continuous Fryer, the product is fried and is sent to a vibrator, is the number of kilos that FRY at the time of 250/300 kilos
  4. Vibrator, It does drain the product and send it to the hype flavoring.
  5. Drum mixer flavoring, through which give the flavor that you want to produce, This flavoring mix product through circular movements.
  6. Drum cooler, Once supplied the flavoring, cools to its subsequent packaging.
  7. Deposit, the oil is sent once the fried to the deposit process.

Do you know that the snacks?…?

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