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Machines for potatoes Fries

At Trainomaq, we have more than 40 dedicated years to the manufacture of machinery o machines and accessories to make potato chips.

Line destined to the potato chip, after peeling it, potato is stored in hopper and sent to the cutter so that once cut to the thickness you prefer customer, is sent to the Fryer, where fried after the drain in the vibrator, Once drained potato is deposited on an outfeed conveyor where is room already cold and is embasa.

The line of fried is mainly based on:

Cleaning chute, It is responsible for receiving the potatoes from takes, where stored and removed the first waste falling of sacks (stones, roots, sand...) This sends the potato to the destoner.

Destoner, the potato that comes from the hopper are inserted into the destoner where once washed and separated from waste and other sediments that can carry potato potato is introduced to peeling machine.

Peeling machine: handles Peal the potatoes with an easy change of shirts to keep peeling machine in perfect state and through the gate is transported by means of a belt lifting the cutter.

Lifting tape: collect peeling potatoes and elevates them to the next machine.

Loading hopper, prepared with a hopper to store potatoes peeled in water, Thus we avoid these from rusting, also used lung for deep fryers. Various measures.

Cutting machine: It is responsible for cutting the potatoes according to the size, thickness and type of court that wish you (Lisa, wavy, cane), cutting machine is sent to the investor tape, that simultaneously distributes potato, This has two blades, easily changeable.

Tape investment: Moves the potato cutting machine to the Fryer in such a way that the potatoes are introduced directly to the center of the deep Fryer.

Fryer: This frying the potato automatically semi-automatic or manual, Depending on the type of Fryer requesting customer, fuels used, diesel oil, natural gas, Electric... waste of hydraulic cylinders, pump, beater, food warmers, electrical boxes attached to machine, touch screen, filter, level.... The best on the market, maximum production, minimum consumption, latest deep fryers.

Vibrator: It carries potatoes at the same time that cools it and separates it, polished all in glitter, transports the potato by vibration.

Industrial salt: salt is supplied automatically according to the taste of the customer, two models, more accurately, roller, fully automated.

Exit belt: collects the potato of the vibrator and raises it to the area of packaging are sent.

We manufacture campaigns to measures to facilitate the departure of smoke.

Optional fried Ribbon.

Bombo flavoring: It is used to give the already crisp additives and obtain flavors such as ham, garlic, etc...

Cooling tape: It serves to cool the potatoes.

Tape of accumulation and cooling: The potato is accumulated through three overlapping tape some enzymes of other, and it is cooling at the same time that accumulate.

Retired potato black tape: dare a detector detects black potatoes coming out of the fried and ejects them.

– Metal detector to pass bags.

Do you know that potato chips?…?

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