Raw potato – 4Th range

Potato raw – 4Th range

The line of raw potato, It is intended for the treatment of raw potato, Since that is washed in cleaning hopper, bare, cut, treated so that it does not oxidize, dried and packaged for sale.

Are the machines that make up a basic line of raw potato:

  1. Cleaning chute: Settle the potatoes that come from sacks to give a water bath.
  2. Destoner: It is responsible for removing stones that bring the potatoes.
  3. Peeling machine: The destoner potatoes are sent to peeling machine where is pelaran and will be sent to a treatment tape.
  4. Belt conveyor: This tape transports the potato to the weigher.
  5. Tape treatment: It is a Ribbon of water bath, allowing the potato will not oxidize, Since you submerge the potatoes in water.
  6. Vibrating rods: Vibrator to make non-stick through potato rod, and using a bottom tray is deposited sediments that had the potato by the Court.
  7. Ribbon of drying: Handles for subsequent heavy potato dry.
  8. Weighing machine: Load supply to aimed at the packaging machine tape heavy shown them for subsequent packing.

Additional machinery:

Raw potato type cane cutter / brava. Low power consumption, approximate production of 200 kilos per hour.
Potato cutting machine: handles cut potato baking type, wavy or potato type straw.

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