Welcome to Trainomaq

We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of stainless steel machinery, Although more specifically to the manufacture of machinery for food. Among our large catalog of products, highlight:

  1. Machinery for fritter stalls – churros
  2. Industrial fryers
  3. Conveyor belts
  4. Potato peeling machines
  5. Fruit dry – snacks

However, the more than 40 years in the stainless steel sector us has pemitido adapt to virtually any field related to the manipulation of stainless steel getting to expand our products to such disparate branches as:

  1. Art and decoration
  2. Steel furniture
  3. Stainless steel railings
  4. Custom steel works

Please, do not hesitate to call us to answer any questions on the 91 642 06 05 either by contacting our email:

Why do? Us?

Experience, tradition, guarantees and professionalism They combine in the every day of our work. Achieve the expectations of our customers is what makes us remember why we enjoy every second with our work and why we are so proud of our machines.

You can come to visit us whenever you want, We will be happy to assist you in our facilities.


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