Flavoring (electrostatic)

Flavoring (electrostatic)

Saborizante electro estatico

Measures: 2000X1000X1500

Production: 250 kilos hora

Consumption: 0,55kw


It consists of stainless steel drum, designed specifically to mix the product with the flavor without breaking it.

The flavorings have a system of vibration that does not cakes for easy transportation and dosage

Carry the product by dropping it at the bottom.

In addition, its innovative system adheres to the product taste easily and continuously, without wasting product.

The flavoring to be in grain. You can mix, flavors such as: cheese, barbecue, garlic, ketchup, even salt among others

Programming of up to 200 recipes and different flavor intensity

Hygiene and accessibility

Removable rotary drum for easy cleaning

allowing to have a spare to make that of

the production as continuous as possible.

In addition all the flavor channeling systems.

They are easily removable to be cleaned