Food Mixer Drum

Food Mixer Drum


Three standard size.

HM 90 90 liters 25 kilos approx.

HM180 180 liters 50 kilos approx.

HM320 320 liters 100 kilos approx.

The kilos depends on the density of the product


Totally electric

Model HM 90 with wheels for easy movement

Superior models with plates to anchor to the ground.

Models HM90 and HM180 without frame, with steering wheel to make the tilt of the drum loading and unloading and plug for turning round.

Model HM320 automatic with rotation through motor and start through a frame with timer in rotation.

We also have a version with rack pinion to apply heat through resistances attached to the drum.

With blades 2, 4 and 6 blades per size, HM180 and HM320 models with stainless steel lid.

All stainless steel AISI 18/8 drum in 316 and structure in 304