Fryer Model 2

Fryer 2:

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Dimensiones aprox.

Approx. dimensions

L x B x H (mm)

Produccion  frito  aprox.

Approx. fried production


Consumo gasoil aprox.

Approx. gasoil consumption


Capacidad aceite aprox.

Approx. oil capacity




Filtro de aceite

Oil filter

Nivel de aceite

Oil level

FPT-2100 2100X2100X1100 120/135 24 700 X X
FPT-1870 1870X1870X1100 100/110 16 550 X x
FPT-1600 1600x1600x1000 75/80 12 400 - -
FPT-1400 1400x1400x1000 45/55 8 250 - -
FPT-1200 1200x1200x1000 35/40 6 200 - -

Hygiene and accessibility:

Moved by hydraulic system, clean and easily adjustable system.

Structure with removable doors, allows inner of the machine easily.

Helical auger for the extraction of waste inside the chamber.

Industrial burners for gasoil or gas (LP or natural gas), fully homologated; in the lower models there are also innovative electric version systems, without heater elements inside the oil

Built entirely in Stainless Steel AISI304

Protection IP 66.