Multifuncional Slicer

Multifuncional Slicer

Cortadora cortezas

Robust cutter

Manufactured entirely in stainless steel 18/8 AISI 304

Thickness from 1.2 s 8 mm

With electrical panel to regulate the different functions.

Food polyurethane band with easy disassembly for cleaning that transports the product at the same time that an upper band presses it and stretches it introducing the product between the blades.

Two sets of blades, the first in the form of a guillotine composed of three blades and the second set consisting of a comb of blades separated from each other.

In this way the cut is made along and squared, being able to vary the length in a simple way from the box and the width with the different slicer blades.

Prepared to cut elements resistant to cutting by hardness or elasticity.

Cut bacon, leather, fish skin, pork skin among others.