Sieve or Belt Shakers

Sieve or Belt Shakers

Depends on the application.

If what we want is for the product to drain by vibration, at the same time that it advances and separates smaller particles, we must use a sieve.

If instead, we want to cool down while transporting the product gently by making a small sieve at the end, we will use a vibrator.


Sieve ZRT uses an axle transmission motor by pulleys with structure anchored to the ground, to avoid displacement.

Vibrator, VRT electric vibrators. With wheels for its movement. Shiny polished sheet for easy movement.

Different holes according to the customer's need

Three-phase 380V

Protection IP 66

Hygiene y accessibility:

Crumb collection tray in both versions.

Built all in 304 stainless steel

Custom made sieves, from 1,5m to 7 meters.

Vibrators come in two standard measurements

VRT2100: 800X2100X800

VRT1870: 800X1600X800

Sieve is anchored to the ground and vibrator with wheels and brakes