Weigher and Transportation


Various weighing systems dependent on the application

Weighers for raw potato: this is placed after the drying tape, through some conveyors the potato is raised to a hopper that is filled until reaching the desired weight. This measurement is made by some load cells and is controlled by an electrical panel.

Through a pedal the doors of the hopper will open and the heavy product will fall into a bag.

Weigher for fried potato: this weigher is located after an accumulator hopper. With a system of weighing by load cells, it supplies to the skillet according to request potato. This allows you to control the production of your fryers.



Food band

Supports and tensioners in stainless

Wheels for easy movement.

Manufactured entirely in 304 stainless steel

Pneumatic opening system

Hygiene y accessibility:

With tray at the bottom for the collection of liquid.

Model  PPC     PP4G

Measurements 3000X600X2200        3000X600X1900

Power   0,37kW  0,75kW

Three phase