1200kg hour chip lines -a chip monster-.

rainomaq, has been making installations for more than 18 years, although our experience comes from more than 45 years since our founding partner Don. Lucio Calderón was one of the pioneers in manufacturing churreras and fryers in Spain, Lucio manufactured the churreras to the known Oliva, a great distributor of material for churrería already retired.

In these 18 years we have made all kinds of lines always adjusting to the needs of each customer. From lines of a manual fryer with the right and necessary machines, through fully automated lines with a fryer to install lines like the ones you can see in the following video of 10 fryers giving the best quality and fully automated.

Every company starts from scratch, and it is a pleasure to collaborate with our customers in their development and growth. This client 5 years ago only had 4 old fryers, today he has 10 fryers with the latest advances.

To make your project grow it is important to know the costs and to have a high performance. Trainomaq is in continuous study and development to be able to produce the maximum quantity with the best quality and above all with the minimum consumption.

We also produce lines for snacks, nuts, meat, among others.

For more information: info@trainomaq.com or WhatsApp +34 650951038 or call (Spanish, English or French) +34916420605

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