Today we invite you to discover new recipes where you can use potato crisps…

Summer is here and the heat is approaching, we invite you to discover new summer recipes using the potato crisps that we like so much as an aperitif, but which can also be used to innovate our dishes… You can see the recipes, in this link: Source of information : Patatas fritas Fatima

Highly durable peeler and peel stone and sediment separator go hand in hand.

One difficulty that our customers encounter is the maintenance of their peeling machine, that is why our peeler incorporates three removable liners that allow easy replacement of the abrasion stone. And its transmission system (no direct shaft), makes it a strong and durable machine. And in addition, for our customers it is important to have … Read more

Our new QR

We now have a new QR, so you can get information instantly.   Direct access to our web                 Direct access to videos of our machinery on YouTube                        

New process for the preservation of fresh peeled potatoes

The potatoes, whether or not peeled and cut up, are mixed with an aqueous solution containing a combination of two antioxidant agents, namely potassium metabisulphite and sodium disulphite, as well as a wetting agent, namely sorbitol, and a synergistic agent, namely DL. ascorbic acid, with an intermediate wetting phase in a water bath for about … Read more

There is nothing more appetising than warm “migas” !

There is nothing more appetising than “migas”, we show you our stainless steel mixers, they are mixers made of stainless steel 316, which withstands corrosion from salt and acids. As you already know, we have several models, but today we want you to show our mixer with heat, which is used to heat and fry … Read more

Plastics no !

  At Trainomaq, we are committed to the environment, which is why we want to raise awareness among our customers to avoid the use of plastic bags, as these bags take 150 years to degrade, and plastic packaging take 500 years. We want to provide solutions, there are many people who value the use of … Read more

World Obesity Day

Today is World Obesity Day. It is a social problem, but we all love chips as a snack. We know that this is a highly calorific product, which is why Trainomaq designs and manufactures innovative fryers and machines, in order chips contain as little oil as possible. The fryers have a combustion chamber with a … Read more

Fresh product – pre-prepared food

  We show you how all the lines are assembled before shipment. At Trainomaq, we have a line assembly area to test all the machines. This way we ensure an easy assembly, for us or for the customer. Video: Click here As you can see this line is a complete line consisting of: Peeling line, … Read more

Our clients

We end the week with this video of one of our clients in France.