Exporting at Trainomaq

We are pleased to be a supplier to more than half of the customers on this list, congratulations to all of you.

To make a good potato there are no tricks, good raw material, with fryers that respond and slicers that make a fine cut, that’s all you need.

At Trainomaq, we have started loading this trailer for export to Northern Ireland very early on, more specifically this line will be set up in Dublin.

It is an extension of the line we set up 3 years ago.

This line consists of a weighing area and frying area, including a weighing machine to be able to control the cycles in the same way in each fryer, with fryers of 120 kilos per hour with diesel. Our fryers are fully equipped, with electrical control in English and Spanish, 10″ screen, modem to be always connected and know at all times what is happening in case there is any failure.

This line will produce 480 kilos of crisps per hour, which corresponds to 1680 kilos per hour of product.

Trainomaq would like to thank our customers for their trust and loyalty.