Fresh product – pre-prepared food


We show you how all the lines are assembled before shipment. At Trainomaq, we have a line assembly area to test all the machines. This way we ensure an easy assembly, for us or for the customer.

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As you can see this line is a complete line consisting of:

Peeling line, with a hopper for storing and dosing the product, a continuous potato washing machine, and a centrifugal peeler for high production of potatoes peeled by abrasion and a lifting and inspection belt.

Once peeled, the product is sent to a cutting and processing line. We can also have this peeling line supply the product to a chip line.

The cut and treat line consists of:

Multi-slice cutter, disposable product sieve, belt with water and sulphite bath to increase the durability of the product, rotating drum drainer, which accumulates and drains the product, draining belt with extractors and finally weigher with automatic vacuum packer.

Trainomaq, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, is a seal of guarantee and confidence.