rainomaq, has been making installations for more than 18 years, although our experience comes from more than 45 years since
To start the week, we present you a frying line with drainer. Our fryer with open mixer, filter, level, 10"
Trainomaq, has been working for more than 45 years in the food industry, specializing in the snack sector. Our machines
The potato is a fundamental food throughout the world, since it is consumed more than others foods such as wheat
No more wasting time peeling potatoes. Whether with knofe or peeler, this common task in recipes as typical as Spanish
Our customers have been asking us for help when they want to take the step to industrialize, to automate their
The favourite snack par excellence are chips, would you like to eat them freshly made? Well, with this simple recipe
There are many types of potatoes but they are NOT all good for the same thing, depending on how they
Production Each cycle takes approximately 170 seconds to fry the potato, but 300 seconds (5 minutos) are contemplated for the
The first thing to know is where the money is going and then we can look for solutions to reduce