Zafra Moreno, the potatoes of La Carlota

One of the most famous products of La Carlota are potato chips ‘ Zafra Moreno ’, elaborate girl Carlota. We have visited and spoken with one of the workers, Antonio, to know what is the process of elaboration of this product.

How did this maker?
We have since 1996. Began my father, and we helped him: my mother, My sister and I. He was engaged in the press, distributed newspapers, and stayed standing. Then, He went to work with my uncles, It had a bakery, but soon began with this. He bought a few machines in Córdoba, We started little by little until we follow firm manufacturing potatoes, and he saw that this was working. We started, first, with a small perolillo, then we bought another slightly larger and larger then another until we already got everything as it stands right now.

What is the process of manufacture of potato chips?, What equipment you use?
First we cast out into a machine that raises them; then fall potatoes within another machine which are washed, the stones are removed, the Earth… Then, take them out of there and fall into peeling machine, We give them a review and they throw in the large torva stripped and refaced: It is then when we FRY. Finally, We do quality control and pack them.

How many people work in the company?
We are three: -My mother - Josefina, Sergio, a guy who works with us, and I are here; and my father, whereas the seller.

Products manufacture?
We produce potato chips and French fries with garlic. We also Pack snacks, cones and bark dried fried cocktail.

Currently, where your products are distributed?
For all Cordoba and part of Seville.

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