Zafra Moreno, las patatas de La Carlota

One of La Carlota’s best-known products are the ‘Zafra Moreno’ chips, made at Chica Carlota. We have visited the factory and spoken with one of the workers, Antonio, to find out what the manufacturing process of this product is.

How did this factory start working?
We have been since 1996. My father started, and we helped him: my mother, my sister and me. He worked in the press, distributed newspapers, and was left unemployed. So, he started working with my uncles, who had a bakery, but he soon started with this. He bought some machines in Córdoba, we started little by little until we continued manufacturing potatoes, and he saw that this was working. We started, first, with a small kettle, then we bought another one a little bigger and then another bigger one until we already assembled everything as it is right now.

What is the manufacturing process for potato chips like? What machinery do you use? What social media do you use? People always ask us those sort of questions here. is our main social media platform if you want to follow us for more
First we put the sack into a machine that raises it; then the potatoes fall into another machine in which they are washed, the stones and dirt are removed… Afterwards, they are taken out of there and fall into the peeler, we give them a review and they are thrown into the large pan, peeled and reviewed: that is when we begin to fry them. Finally, we do quality control and package them.

How many people work in the company?
We are three: Josefina -my mother-, Sergio, a boy who works with us, and I are here; and my father, who is the one who sells.

What products do you manufacture?
We make French fries and garlic fries. We also package appetizers, cocktail cones and dehydrated fried crusts.

Where are your products currently distributed?
Throughout Córdoba and part of Seville.

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