How to give a special touch to the “Tortilla de patatas”.

  Tortilla is one of the most famous dishes in Spanish gastronomy, there are more than 1000 different ways to prepare it. However, there is one ingredient that will make your tortilla special. The surprising ingredient that never fails in the tortilla de patatas is the caramelised onion. It adds a unique sparkle. But, we … Read more

Single-blade cutter

Highly finished, easy to handle cutter. Perfect for small productions. This slicer is very versatile and of great quality. Top quality materials, all of it is made of stainless steel. Three-phase geared motor Production of 200kg/h Can be placed on a fryer or on a conveyor belt. It can make cuts: chips, straw, and corrugated. … Read more

Which nuts are essential for a healthy diet?

The three healthiest nuts are pistachios, almonds and walnuts. The right way to eat these nuts is in their natural form. Doctors recommend eating these nuts daily, either for breakfast, snacks or any other time of the day when we need an extra supply of nutrients, in small quantities (20-35 pistachios or 10-20 almonds or … Read more

20th August, World French Fry Day

A dish so popular around the world that it even has its own day on the calendar: 20th August. The Spanish imported the tuber into Europe in the 16th century. From the 17th century onwards, Belgians used French fries as a substitute for fried fish when the rivers froze in winter and Belgium is estimated … Read more

Trainomaq – “Leading” company

Trainomaq has established itself in the food sector both nationally and internationally, we are specialists in production lines for snacks. We are currently working on this line for Spain, with two fryers, a distribution line, weigher and hood. In addition, we have other projects in hand that we hope to be able to show you … Read more

Beware of potatoes with sprouts or green areas.

Miguel Ángel Lurueña, doctor in science and technology , has issued a warning about the potatoes that we store because after a certain period of time, they tend to sprout. He also points out that this is more common now than before because a few years ago the use of chlorpropham, “a powdered substance that … Read more

Success of the 36th edition of Salón Gourmets 2023

The 36th edition of the Salón Gourmets 2023 was held last week at Ifema – Madrid. It was a success, breaking all records for attendance (116,000 visitors), exhibition (2,014 exhibitors) and surface area (5 pavilions); showing the complete recovery of the sector, it is estimated that more than 200 million euros in direct and indirect … Read more

FUN FACT: Potatoes have more potassium than bananas.

The popular belief is that the food with the most potassium is the banana, but nothing could be more wrong. The potato with skin contains significantly more potassium, 421mg per 100g of product, and is rich in carbohydrates and B vitamins, compared to 350mg per 100g of banana. Potassium is considered a key nutrient in … Read more

battered at the right point – Catering fryer

In this video, you can see how our continuous fryer for catering works. A fryer designed for all types of battered products, it doses properly for a homogeneous frying, fast and with a high production volume, an average of 200Kg/hour depending on the frying time. In this case, you can see the process and the … Read more

The potato war

To be able to offer a product as much ours as the potato chip, a product that cannot be missing in family gatherings, in bars and now also in renowned kitchens; to be able to offer good quality, it is essential to have a good raw material, good equipment and above all that the manufacturing … Read more