How to know? – Production and consumption


Each cycle takes approximately 170 seconds to fry the potato, but 300 seconds (5 minutos) are contemplated for the complete cycle. That is why we say that 1 hour has 12 cycles.

To know how many kilos per hour we fry, just think of what has fallen into the vibrator in one frying and multiply it by 12.

For example, if you have our FPT2100 fryer, if you weigh what comes out in one fry it will be approximately 10kg of chips. If you multiply it by 12, you will get 120kg per hour of fryed product.


  • Oil, is to leave the oil at the usual working level, start frying and after 15 minutes we mark up to where the oil level has been left. Now we refill with 25-liter bottles up to the initial position so we will know how much oil is usually consumed. This data is independent opf the fryer that you have, normally it is always the same, since a potato needs to evaporate water and absorbs oil for frying.
  • Fuel, if you do not want to be moving and testing with the diesel, we give you a really easy trick. All combustion burners are regulated with ‘x’ gallons. To know the fuel cost we must multuply those gallons by 4. Each gallon consumes approximately 4 liters or m3 per hour. For example, our FPT fryer consumes 6 gallons which is approximately 24 liters per hour.

To make our company more profitable we have to take into account the production and consumption that may vary depending on the type of fryer, because these data do vary depending on the fryer you have.

Trainomaq, fryers with higher production at minimum consumption.

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