Why sour potato?


There are many types of potatoes but they are NOT all good for the same thing, depending on how they are going to be cooked you will have to choose one variety or another. For frying, the sour potato is one of the most successful varieties because it is the best for frying.


This potato is quite large and oval in shape. Its skin is thin, smooth in texture and the inside is yellow. In addition, it is easy to preserve and store. It should be kept in dark places and at a temperature of 12ºC approximately.

As we have said, this variety of potato is quite successful because of its versatility when used in the kitchen, it can be boiled, baked or roasted, although its main use is for frying and, in addition, it can also be used to prepare CHIPS.

Information obtained from: Patata agria. La guía definitiva | 🥔 Patatas Conde

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